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Franklin Acidizing Service operated in Clay City, Illinois since the early 1980s. In 1994, it was purchased by our company and relocated to Lawrenceville, Illinois, where it was incorporated as Franklin Well Services, LLC. Since that time, Franklin has evolved into the premier oil and gas service company in the Illinois Basin. Currently, Franklin is the largest and best provider for acidizing, hydraulic fracturing, cementing, and drilling fluids service throughout Illinois, Indiana, and Western Kentucky. Franklin has assembled a very experienced staff of personnel that has been performing acid, cement, fracturing, and drilling fluid services in the Illinois Basin for over 30 years. Franklin continues to promote training and technology to its employees to provide better quality of service to our customers. We are the only service company in the Illinois Basin to equip our cementing and fracturing equipment with state-of-the-art micro-motion flow meters and non-radioactive densitometers. This enables us to record and document flow rates and pounds per gallon of cement and sand pumped into your well. No other service company in the Basin currently has this capability. Other service companies may come and go, but Franklin Well Services, LLC. is committed to serving the Illinois Basin.

400 Main Street, Vincennes, Knox, IN, 47591
(812) 494-2800

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