Pressure Pumper Profile

Legend Energy Services

Legend Energy Services is one of the industry's premier coiled tubing service specialists, providing unparalleled service and unmatched expertise with service centers in Victoria, TX, Andrews, TX, Elk City, OK, Ft. Lupton, CO and Dickinson, ND. These service centers allow us to serve the most active resource plays in the US. Whether enabling long-lateral fracture stimulation on new wells, performing intervention in existing wellbores or providing critical support services to other oilfield applications, Legend provides some of the industry's longest-tenured coiled tubing experts with one of the newest and most capable fleets in existence. With high-specification, large-diameter coiled tubing units and built-for-purpose nitrogen pumping, fluid pumping and auxiliary equipment, Legend is positioned to deliver what today's operators demand: results.

801 Broadway EXT STE 210, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, 73118

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