Pressure Pumper Profile


Founded in 1982, Pumpco Energy Services is committed to developing and maintaining customer partnerships focused around flexibility, collaboration and efficiency at the wellhead. In 2012, Superior Energy merged with Complete Energy Services bringing Pumpco under the umbrella of Superior Energy, a company well-known for completions and well intervention services. Today Pumpco continues to focus on customer collaboration and efficiency delivering frac services with over 650,000 active HHP across the southern region in key basins such as the Permian and Eagle Ford. During the shale revolution, Pumpco became one of the first companies to unbundle proppant and logistics from the frac service allowing Pumpco to focus on delivering the well factory approach at the wellhead. Pumpco clients continue to have a choice of either bundling proppant as part of the service model or unbundling depending on their basin strategy. Pumpco tailors its service to create a best fit for the client's completions philosophy and well program. Pumpco delivers a number of fluid systems from slickwater and hybrid systems to diverter based on our client's preference and frac designs. The reliable and consistent equipment configuration means that our fleets are customized for the latest demands of horizontal completions and have a lower cost to maintain.

117 Elm Grove Road, Valley View, Cooke, Texas, 76272
+1 940 726 1800

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