Pressure Pumper Profile


Python is a privately owned company and was founded and established in late 2012, by co-owners; Bill Bolin and Terry Glover. Before Python, Bolin and Glover, owned and operated Skyline Chemical; primarily an acid product provider, located in Cleburne, TX. Python began to gear up in early 2013, choosing Stewart and Stevenson as the primary equipment provider. In May 2013, Python began work in East TX. and in Late Summer of 2013 and to this day in South West Tx in the Wolfcamp Shale region. Python Pressure Pumping specializes in, but not limited to, multi-stage horizontal gel/slickwater, Acid Ball drop, well acidizing, linear cross-link fracturing, plug pumpdown pumping services; at rates of 100 BPM and lower along with pressures of 10,000PSI and under.

120 Armory Road P.O. 548, Ada, Pontotoc, Oklahoma, 74821

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