Pressure Pumper Profile


The pressure pumping industry has seen many ups and downs over the years, but Wayne Shack has been a constant through every cycle since 1979. The long term relationships we have formed throughout our area make our business a generally enjoyable one to work in. That being said, we are always excited about the chance to meet new customers that we can start building those long term relationships with.

  • Four 500hp Kill Trucks
  • 2 OPIU Triplexes (4.5" plungers)
  • 1 SPM Triplex (4" plungers)
  • 1 SPM Quntiplex (3" plungers)

    Transport capabilities:
  • 2000/3000 gallons
  • 1 450hp blender (25-30bpm @ 4lbs per gallon)
  • 1 2250 HP SPM Quint with 5.5" plungers
  • 1 1000 HP OPIT Triplex (5" plunger)
  • 500 sk field sand truck
  • 850 sk field sand truck

Specialize in crosslink gel work, mixed re-completions and shallow new drills. Also slickwater fracs and bucket fracs (3-7bpm).

524 East Highway 180, Albany, Shackelford, Texas, 76430

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